Expected Results

  • Increased sense of perceived security across the citizens of Piraeus

  • Improved urban security status especially in the most critical area of intervention

  • Collaboration among the municipality, the local police and the citizens in terms of urban threats’ response will be strengthened, promoting also the trust levels of the citizens towards the local authorities

  • The citizens of Piraeus will be motivated to engage with BSFS using the CURiM App, since they will be part of the urban security improvement of their city

  • The adoption, deployment and proper use of CURiM by the Urban Authority and the citizens will entail the reduction of unreported crime, facilitating thus the work of the Piraeus Police

  • The CPTED interventions foreseen to be performed in specific abandoned or degraded areas will transform them into safer and citizen-friendly locations

  • The successful implementation along with the replication activities are expected to develop the BSFS Urban Security Framework, which will be ready to be adopted by every European city


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