The Cloud & Mobile Integration Unit consists of more than 30 skillful software Analysts and web/mobile Developers, who have successfully run, and continue to design and implement numerous software projects; from simple modern web interfaces such as this newsletter to very complex, large scale and customized e/m-solutions. Our main strength is the ability to integrate multiple systems and data-sources within and outside an organization, providing advanced solutions and e/m-services for our customers and their clients.
ELPEDISON & SingularLogic created MyElpedison Web & Mobile Application that allows the customer to complete the following actions:
My e-bill: view all your bills up to 2 years
My Consumption: graph view of the consumption in KW or EURO over the last 2 years
My account: Understanding your account and the fields and through an interactive process
Record meter readings electronically
My contact details: enter and update contact details
My profile: make any changes to your profile
Elpedison will continue to improve it’s MyElpedison Web and Mobile application with new features and capabilities in order to exceed the expectation of it’s customer’s.
Get online
Skip the line
Goody’s & SingularLogic have a created the application “Skip the line”, to enhance the customer experience when ordering at any Goody’s store.
The application allows for remote ordering, e-payment and monitoring of the order by the client and the staff completing it. So the customer avoids waiting in long queues, either in the restaurant or onboard the ships.
AVIS Greece and SingularLogic have created a portal that enhances the customer engagement experience for leasing and sales of used ex leased cars.
The client has access to their leasing information including the contracts, their invoicing, their rights and obligations as well as other AVIS services. It also allows customers to view ex leased cars that are for sale, as well as deals and promotional offers from AVIS.
Coral SA and SingularLogic upgraded the Loyalty program Shell Smart Club to include a portal that offers a complete solution to showcase the program, personalized information and redeeming your points for gifts.
Kuzina restaurant and SingularLogic have teamed up to offer a modern responsive website that makes booking a table easy. The client can login and view the available tables, see the offers and other marketing actions that the restaurant has to offer to enhance their dining experience.
COSMOTE worked closely with SingularLogic to streamline its products and services in order to create a single, modern portal. The main focus was to showcase consumer services, new products and the combined new brand of the largest telco in Greece.
The Cloud & Mobile Integration Unit is currently developing phase 2 of the Electronic Health Record. The solution is a Web interface that collects a patients data from various departments/systems within a hospital.
The medical and nursing staff have at their disposal – on their mobile device – all the information necessary to ensure the provision of high quality healthcare services, including test results, x-ray files and other patient data, in real time.
Truly a break through application that has received worldwide attention at the 2015 Mobile World Congress.
SOCIABLE piloted a radically new ICT based approach for integrated support of mental activity, as well as boosting of social interaction for individuals that have been diagnosed to suffer from mild dementia.
SOCIABLE integrated human support and care services offered by care centres and specialized/expert operators (e.g., geriatric internist, geriatric psychiatrist, neurologist, neuropsychologist or geropsychologist),with state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and independent living technologies.
NN Marketing
NN & SingularLogic worked together in order to automate Marketing procedures by further developing and customizing Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA 11g).
NN have immediate, accurate and updated information about the services/products that their clients have in their portfolio, so that they can provide a better customer service. Statistical information is retrieved through Siebel CRM with the Data Warehouse being updated daily by the Oracle Data Integrator.
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